In France, all are volunteers :

puce20 hwl Henri Paul Badet for 'Himalaya Women lineage' logo creation and others documents for our communication;

puce20 hwl Professional teams for all the valuable advice in web development and IT;

puce20 hwl Health professionals for sharing clinical practices relevant to people of Spiti; they recognize;

puce20 hwl Anne-Marie Raynaud for the advice in NGO fiscality;

puce20 hwl Isabelle Kica, expert in web communication, for her professional support;

puce20 hwl Members and supporting members for their valuable support;

puce20 hwl Aviation Sans Frontières for their precious support - ;

 The Fashion Loft to welcome HWL for conferences - 


In India, many thanks to :

puce20 hwl Gupta Medical Agency and staff, wholesale pharmaceutical distributor in Mandi, Himachal Pradesh;

puce20 hwl Caregivers of Pin Valley for care throughout the year, mainly in winter, in the continuity of HWL;

puce20 hwl Khushi Ram Sharma for his active contribution to print documents in its compagny at Shimla;

puce20 hwl Pin Valley volunteers Villagers for the time dedicated to the advancement of HWL projects.

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