Himalaya Women Lineage is committed to the development in the Himalayan villages in contributing to the improvement of living conditions of the most vulnerable populations by the reciprocal transmission, promoting sustainable development at local level, respecting the needs and wishes of communities and their territories.


 puce30 hwl Listen, initiate, propose, advice, goes with respecting their rythm puce30 hwl



puce20 hwl Listen to the rhythms of life in community to take full advantage of exchange for better understanding and thus better help;


puce20 hwl Capitalize on the strong relational links already established with religious, politics, local caregivers and local populations;


puce20 hwl Systematically develop a logic of partnership with local and international actors of development in the presence.



A collective of Spitianes & Spitians participate in design projects, is appropriate, offer and then carry and are working to achieve them.

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