A network of caregivers created over time in accordance with the traditions: Tibetan medicine, Ayurvedic medicine and allopathic medicine as needed.

puce20 hwl Tibetan medicine is accessible to all. It is issued free of charge by Tibetan doctors (amchis) who officiate in the villages of Pin Valley. The compounding and medical science Tibet back more than two thousand years, priceless treasure passed down from generation to generation. In July and August, many wild plants used by Indian and Tibetan pharmacopoeia are harvested Spiti over 4000 meters.
puce20 hwl The ancient Ayurvedic five thousand years is carried out by specialists. Treatments must be purchased in herbal.
puce20 hwl Allopathic medicine available at the hospital Kaza, various clinics and pharmacies open by Himalaya Women Lineage.


 puce30 hwl A use of three complementary medicine puce30 hwl


Partners for Tibetan medicine

puce20 hwl Chheme Rigzin village Tangti Yogma - Amchi (Tibetan medicine doctor) from generation to generation. His father sent him to Tibet he transmits his knowledge to his son today
puce20 hwl Choedak Norbu village Kungri - Amchi & Khenpo (Doctor of Buddhist Philosophy)


Partners for Allopathic medicine

puce20 hwl Mr Sunil Gupta, chief pharmacist of "Gupta Medical Agencies" wholesale pharmaceutical distribution in Mandi, Himachal Pradesh
puce20 hwl Dr. Rigzin Dorje, resident doctor in the village Sagnam. A lasting partnership since 1995. It provides emergency primary care and minor surgery, monitoring of chronic treatments, ...

puce20 hwl Dr. Malhotra, dental surgeon in the clinic "Multispeciality Dental Hospital" new contact for dental care in Mandi, Himachal Pradesh



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