An opportunity to work together and support Himalaya Women Lineage actions to develop serenely in 3 priority areas:

puce20 hwl Education  with 20 euros, a woman can learn Bhoti reading and writing, a 3 years program

puce20 hwl Health with 40 euros, 50 painkillers or 120 antibiotics treatments can be offered

puce20 hwl Culture with 5 euros, a women can learn traditional dances of Pin valley

For more information: HWL Identity Card

Individuals or businesses, supporting Himalaya Women Lineage, you assert your commitment to the development of Himalayan vulnerable populations.

Download the Himalaya Women Lineage membership and support form form :                                              

puce20 hwl join Himalaya Women Lineage and pay an annual fee of 30 euros


puce20 hwl financially support one or more projects of Himalaya Women Lineage



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