Himalaya Women Lineage is a non-profit NGO created in 2010 by a 4 people collective team in France & 7 people in India animated of a same intent :

puce30 hwl Accompany a Himalayan community through reciprocal transmissionpuce30 hwl


The association mobilizes around women of Himalayas and wishes to accompany them in the sustainable improvement of the communities’ living conditions in the areas of energy, habitat and environment, education, the social and medical, the cultural and the religious heritage.


Originally, the President, Doctor of Pharmacy is committed to volunteer since 1991 with the Tibetan people in India and Nepal. Since 1995, she has been active in the community of Pin * Spiti valley, located in the state of Himachal Pradesh in the north-west of India. For the peoples of these regions, mainly has a real importance. Share this was essential for the president a door opening onto a good knowledge of their rhythms of daily life and their priority needs to build strong relationships over time with Spitianes and Spitians *.

The strong will allow Spitianes & Spitians to be creative in their development and take responsibility was formalized by the official statement from the government of India Himalaya Women Lineage India in June 2011, local non-profit .

Working together to serve the rural communities of the valley guided actions, mainly in the medical field: primary care, donations of essential treatments, partnerships established in 1995 with a network of local providers.


For more information :

puce20 hwlHimalaya Women Lineage identity card

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